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Default Now that's what I call rain

In article MPG.2cb76dfbe3027a2f989c25, says...

Just popped out to see how the garden is standing up to last night's
monsoon downpour. (4" deep in the wheelbarrow). I retrieved a few well-
washed marrows and put them in the garage to dry off, then took a look
at the red kale ... where I was amazed to see, a load of dead
caterpillars. Some seem to have drowned but others appear half pulped,
as if beaten to death. No survivors :-)


Now there's a thought. Spraying your brassica's once a
week with one of those jet spray thingies to kill the
caterpillars. Certainly more eco frendly than any
other spray!

Roger T

700 ft up in Mid-Wales