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Tom Elliott 05-04-2003 06:35 AM

spacemaster cucumbers / hose coupler
I am growing some `spacemaster' cucumber plants. Although they are
still quite young (and about to be engulfed in a rampaging pumpking
plant) they have female flowers on them. Does anyone know the size of
these as a mature plant?

Also, I bought a Sabco Hoselink hose coupler today. Very impressed.
I tend to keep my hose pressurised (I know, bad practice), and I
walked out the other day to find the nozzle had blown off -
fortunately it had happened about 5 seconds before I walked out to
find it. It clips together and twists to lock in place, and it's
guaranteed not to leak. It comes with an adaptor for the standard
click on fittings, and an adjustable nozzle. A nice piece of
gardening equipment indeed. Pardon my advertising spiel but I thought
I'd share.


Tom Elliott
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