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Old 28-02-2004, 03:22 PM
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Default Bolen ride on info needed & others

Just got my first ride on mower yesterday, took me 5 years to afford one
(used). It's an oldie, Bolens 2136, rear engine with a B&S 11hp IC motor,
twin cutters type. I would have preferred a more mini tractor style but I
couldn't afford them. But that's another story. I'm on just over an acre on
the mid-north coast (NSW) and I'm the only mug in the estate who was still
pushing a mower...till now!

Before I start asking questions, the reason I ask them in this newsgroup is
like many businesses asking shop keepers the same questions usually is
followed by them handing over information attached with an invoice or over
inflated parts prices. So hopefully someone can point me in the right
direction and I can be armed with some information.

I need some information starting with this, are there Bolen crossover parts
with MTD who apparently took over the Bolens mower company?

I am assuming I need new belts as I when I hit some taller grass the blades
slow down, then pick up again. The grass doesn't need to be thick either. So
I guess the belts are too loose to turn the blades. Turned off the motor and
I looked for a tensioner, there is one that resembles it but applying
pressure to it didn't take up the slack in the belt. With the blades engaged
I can easily turn them by hand, that's not right is it? Or have I missed
something eg. the real tensioner.

The question is, anyone got an idea what the belt specs are for this model,
eg. belt model number. I'll be chasing one at the local bearing/engineering
shop that stocks lots of belts, they are always cheaper for crossover parts
for anything. Need the info just in case they don't have a mower listing.

I find the Bolens poorly reacts to tighter turns. It tends to slide for a
bit (understeer) when you want to do a U-turn, even at slow speeds and in
low gears. Tyres are good but it seems like the problem is weight
distribution, too much on the rear. Am I right or am I using the wrong
technique or do "they all do that sir"? Have used mini tractor style
ride-ons and they go where they are pointed.

Very surprised when I bought an air filter today. I was given 4 prices from
4 shops, $18, $26, $32 and $40....guess which one I bought. The $18 one of
course! Made in the USA like all the other ones, someones making huge

I bought this thing with eyes wide open, it looks pretty good for an
approximately 10 year old mower and has done lots of work judging by the
worn front wheel axles. It was cheap and I plan to persevere with it, it's a
work in progress but with some help from you lot I may be able to work out
some short comings of owning such a beast.

Thanks for reading this far and hopefully get some positive feedback from
those who know their ride-ons.


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