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Old 24-11-2004, 05:00 AM
len gardener
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Default composting loo - e/mail x len

why we chose 'nature-loo'. (sorry if this sounds too commercial for
some this is how i see it so this is how a write it, and no the
company mentioned gives me no kick-backs i could sure as heck use some

economy - it was the cheapest 1 oops sorry the most economical at the
time and hey money counts.

simplicity - yup just how i like it mate K.I.S.S (keep it simple!!
well you know the rest hey lol). eg.,. 'rota-loo' has a 5 bin carousel
ok! and from what people have said when A bin fills the carousel then
is out of balance so as was suggested a brick is needed to keep the
level so to speak. there is nothing mechanical of that nature with

versatile - yup 'n-l' comes up trumps again with versatility, as
requirements change upward that is all you do is buy another bin too
easy hey? 'rota-loo' well if you have small needs early on you buy
small bins X 5 then as your need increase you buy medium bins X 5 then
large bins X 5, gotta cost hey and what do you do with those un-wanted
bins, and look at all the resources needed to make and deliver them,
enough said.

ok they suggest you use an enzime that costs out at $3 a litre now hey
that's gotta be dearer than beer, petrol. diesel and cask wine, now
milk or should i say that white chemical cocktail comes in around $1 a
litre, we don't use the enzime. reckon introduce a bit more mushroom
compost in use and add composting worms along the way.

also suggest that the 2 bin minimum for 2 adults and couple of nippers
should be increased to 3 bins, ok the summer bin with lots of ambient
heat works well but then the winter bin with lots less heat not so
well. if you could maybe have your out of service winter bin in full
on sun maybe would be better. so generally you need 6 to 7 months of
composting for the summer bin, and hey what's an extra bin anyway?

we don't use the electric fans that means and ongoing cost of app' $50
per annum for per 2 fans each. we have wind ok it's not absolute but
it's pretty good.

so now to smell/odoure!!

with 'n/l' full suggested set up and using enzyme absolutely none if!
absolute is allowed that is.

again almost something to nothing, ok we have a loo with a view and
heaps of window ventilation, BUT when the winds are light of a night
time and it rains/storms and windows are all but shut yes you do get a
small pong sorry odoure huh chuckle (you didn't expect me to be
serious now did you?) huh, hey whats wrong with a bit of fun anyway?.

ok we save heaps on enzyme and heaps on power for electric fans the
downside a smelll something like compost or composting mushy compost
ok i mean how down to earth don't you wanna be?

suggest if you incorporate a nature type loo into a current high set
put a whirlybird vent through the roof and increase window size ok
more louvres, no worries. oh and maybe one of those vents into the
bottom of the door. now of course if you want to hang one on the night
before then pray to the sewerage gremlin the next day well who else
can you blame hey??? lol.

ok ok 'nature-loo' aint paying us/me wish they were, but then i
wouldn't promote something unviable hey i got a name haven't i? money
might buy lots but it dun' buy me.

then there's clivus or something sounds ok but also sound exxy. do
your research, more money doesn't necessarily mean better. mmm dunno a newy around the
traps could be a goer though? hey tell 'em who sent ya' right maybe
they may buy us a drink of cold water that is huh lol, they are nice
people to deal with though.

oh i didn't say get hold of a copy of the humanure handbook by j c
jenkins either buy it or get it from the lending library. that edesign
loo same as the nature-loo except you use available materials you will
save heaps.

go to it hey

save & pass this around and ask questions

have fun we do

happy gardening
'it works for me it could work for you,'

"in the end ya' gotta do what ya' gotta do" but consider others and the environment

my e/mail addies have spam filters you should know what to delete before you send.

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