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David Stern 09-02-2003 08:01 AM

Banyan fig (Ficus microcarpa retusa)
I have been given a Banyan fig (Ficus microcarpa retusa). As this is my
first bonsai I am unsure how to care for it.

Specifically, trunk is fat for the first 6cm with roots coming from it,
then slender until it has been cropped for another 6cm.

It has large leaves (largest 7x4) on long stems (12cm) sprouting upwards
from along the length of the stender part of the trunk.

I have seen Banyan figs @ that are
quite different, and are more tree-shaped with smaller leaves compared
with the trunk. I prefer that look.

So, should I prune the leaves radically, and take off the lower stems?
Or just pluck off the larger leaves? Will the stems thicken to become
branches if I leave them in place?

I can supply a photo of the tree if it would help you diagnose a course
of action.

Thanks in advance, David
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