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Default 10,000 battle ninja vs. two punks with one getsaway.

On Fri, 03 May 2013 20:47:23 -0500, The Daring Dufas wrote:

I live in Alabamastan and come from a multi-species family, half Yankee
and half Hillbilly. Being half Italian and half WASP makes me a WOPS and
everyone's cousin. I've a lot of friends from Texas and they're
wonderful folks and probably kin too. I believe Colorado is an example
of P.L.L.C.F. discovering a wonderful unspoiled place and deciding to
move there from Leftist infested places like Californiastan, taking up
residence, getting into politics and destroying the once wonderful free
state from within. It's causing Conservative flight to places like
Texas. Here in Alabamastan we try to scare off the Damn Yankees by
promoting the myth they believe because of Hollywood movies and TV shows
but when they get down here they discover there are no Black men hanging
from every other tree and no pickup truck loads of yahoos in white robes
and hoods firing rifles and shotguns into the air hunting Black people
along with an absence of Confederate battle flags flying from every
flagpole or as stickers on every vehicle and window. Racism is actually
much rarer than where they come from and folks of all races and
nationalities get along which they find very puzzling because of the
nonsense they've heard all their lives. When they realize how beautiful
the place is and how wonderful the people are, we can't get the SOB's to
go home and they keep coming. We'll still welcome them and treat them
well and with hospitality which is in our nature and perhaps, just
perhaps we can convert them into Southerners. ^_^


Dufas I don't want to hear this! You are spoiling all my Yankee theories.
The problem was what to do about fossil fuels. I said, hey, nuclear power
is an answer but there is a waste disposal problem. And I said, no
problem, just find a useless area and rope it off an dump it there. My
vote was for Alabama. (was supposed to be a joke based on your Hollywood
myths) Anyway one day at work, I was walking through an area where there
was this nuclear waste disposal project and what do I see on the wall?
You guessed it! A huge map of Alabama!

The good news is that a big reputation for being a nuclear waste capital
will tend to keep all the Green P.L.L.C.F types out.

I've been to Alabama and it gets HOT down there! But the good news is it
doesn't smell all moldy like Georgia and have all that red dirt that
drives you nuts like living on Mars.

And excuse me Dufas but the Confederate battle flag DOES fly from every
flagpole! It's your state flag, namely the cross of St. Andrew. And the
Southern Cross true battle flag actually DID fly from the statehouse
until the 90's when a lawsuit kept it down. We Yankees all know that if
it's on TV or in the movies it HAS to be true!

As for Yahoos in pickup trucks firing rifles and shotguns into the air,
you don't know what you are missing. We still got that all the time up

(As for infestations, we have the same problem here only ours is from Noo
Yawkers who have peed in their own bed until it stinks and now come here
to pee in ours.)

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