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[email protected] 24-03-2007 01:18 AM

Integrity of moderated ponds gropup in question
On Mar 23, 1:32 pm, ~Roy~ wrote:
Its been reported that a moderator or two has been labeled as rogue
in an attempt to bethe head cheese in charge and control the
group......If they have such blatant disregard for ueach other what
makes yu think they are going to give any post they deem out of favor
with their thoughts, not oocontent, but thoughts a fair shake. Is an
easy answer. Those certain moderators will not give yur point of view
even if its on topic a fair shake and thats a fact......About all
you'll get is a slap down and insulting remark and then
ignored..........Why have a charter or policy if they do not follow
it. They do what they want, so its all a joke, its not a ,mopderated
forum by any means its a private chata group formed for a elite few by
BIG 8. Suck up to BIG 8 and Jayne and you too can have your own
private group......and be a rogue moderator..

I forgot more about ponds and koi than I'll ever know!

Ahhhwww...... are the big bad mods keeping the Troll quiet?

There is nothing from stopping you from starting your own web site and
Why not spend your time doing that than whining here and wasting
everyone's time then?

This is not even the pond forum yet you insist on cross posting to
forums where not a single person gives a rats hiney about
___anything___ you have to say.

You are also too stupid to realize I'm trolling you. I even told you I
was, this is the second time, and you still missed it. Damn son, you
really are dumber than headless chicken?

Prove me wrong.
Maybe some day you'll learn. Either that or burn out like all the
trolls before you.

Tom Barr

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