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[email protected] 09-04-2007 06:44 PM

Get Tropical Fish Secrets
You'll never get the information in a pet store.
There are 2 reasons:
1. They don't know
2. They don't care.
First, have you been shopping lately? Retail outlets are in a crisis!
Hiring anyone to staff their stores is difficult right now... hiring
qualified candidates... especially in specialty areas like tropical
fish is... almost impossible!
Don't beleive me? Check out your nearest national, big-box, pet
After you find them, wait for the staff members to finish their
conversation about last night's party, and ask them a question.
Notice the blank stare.
And they look at YOU like YOU'RE an idiot!
When you go to a store like that you better be prepared to walk up to
an aquarium, point to the fish you want and say "I want that one".
Nuff said.
Secondly, as for them not caring... Ask yourself this, "When do you
spend the biggest chunk of money in this hobby?" At the very beginning
of course!
You need to invest in the aquarium, perhaps a stand, filter, heater
and other equipment, plants, chemicals and, oh yeah... fish!
That's one of the great things about this hobby. You could keep on
learning new things for your whole life ... if you want to.

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