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Default Hey Jan

On Apr 18, 6:46 pm, ~Windsong~
What makes you think I would participate in a group moderated by a
bunch of hipocrites anyhow even if I could post.You assume an awfull
lot, and that seems to be a trait of all rpm mods.

I am choosey on where I hang my hat up at, and being amongst liars
and hipocrites is not my cup of tea by any means.........You all
remind me of a cerrtain class of people who have been deprived of
something all their life, and now thay have it even though its
obsolete, so they have to go overboard in utilizing it...........sort
of like the species of people that have to install 10 antennaes on
their vehicles or curb feelers...the modrators of rpm all seem to fit
that catagory...........on being too ****ing stupid to know they are a
has been...........and being led by the ring in their nose by a
hipocritical preacher man without morales. I'll hang with real people
and leave the barn yard sheeple as you all are to their shepherd named

I forgot more about ponds and koi than I'll ever know!

I really hate to see things like this... let me explain what I mean...

You seem, from what very little I've seen, to be a very smart person.
Most people (myself included) get or have a false sense of security
being behind a monitor, disconnected from the face to face discussions
we would have if we were around a table enjoying a glass of our
favorite beverage... In that setting, if we disagree, we agree to
disagree. When sitting behind a monitor, we feel like nobody can
touch me, I'm invincible.. especially the IT type people, help desk
people and lower management(that's me). After dealing with morons,
ie, customers, we get on the computer, go to newsgroups, maybe trying
to actually talk to intelligent people, have a good conversation, some
brain stimulation... But instead, someone catches us off guard and
does something stupid, like a customer you just talked to, and BAM,
the poster gets a new one ripped and they didn't even see it
coming... but you feel better.... you walk away and nobody can do
anything to you...

Eventually, it becomes an ego thing, a power trip, and that person
becomes so cynical that they start to act the same way in real life
because it gives them a high... I used to do the same thing... Jump
into a flame war with my 'retard' suit on and smash and bash with the
best of 'em.... but then I grew up and realized there are better and
more productive things to do with my time. Besides, I'm old and don't
need the stress.... Actually, I'm halfway past 30 and I feel old...
because a high stress job can age you quickly....

So I'll close with this. You are the only one who can make this
decision, and you are the only one that matters, here.

You have decisions to make everyday. Where to eat lunch, when to get
gas, and whether or not to be a nice person, whether or not to take
the high road. I realize that you could start flaming me before you
even start reading this, but I have faith in you. I believe in your
better judgement. I feel that you have much to give this world and if
you look deep inside yourself, you want to give some of yourself, your
talents, your experience... to others. I think, that if you really
looked hard enough, you're looking for something yourself... maybe
something you had in the past, but don't have anymore. Maybe it's
something you've NEVER had before, and now you want some.... maybe you
know what it is, maybe you don't... I think I know what it is... I
think you are searching for validation. You want to be validated for
your accomplishments and your acheivements, your education as well as
your experiences.... you want people to see you as a person in charge
and a person who others go to for help.... you want to be 'that'
guy.... what you don't realize is, you ARE that guy.... you have been
and you didn't know it...

but now, you think it's too late, and you're not exactly who you want
to be anymore.... it's NOT too late to change... I've done it, others
have too...

Think about it, and if you want to talk....



PS, if I could ask others to not intrude on this conversation, I'd
appreciate it...

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