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Old 20-04-2003, 06:12 AM
Mark Trueman
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Default java plants uk budget packs/ plant recommendations

Has anyone here bought the economy collection of 65 plants from I was wondering about the quality as it says that they are
"Budget selection of plants made up from surplus plants at the end of each
week. These do not come labeled or in individul bags." But at 7 for 65
plants it seems like quite a good deal.

Im looking to increase my plant selection in my 4 ft tank, maybe this could
go in another thread but i'll stick it here. I could do with some
recommendations. I'll try to describe my tank as best as i can.

4ftx18x15inch (45 us gal), ph 7.4 with co2 injection,14.5 kh, 79 farenheit.
Fertilised weekly with recommended dose (on packet) of a potassium/iron
fertiliser and a trace fertiliser. Nitrates high in tap water (30ppm).
Plants in the tank are pretty rampant, vals grow about 3 inches a day.

Across the back i have Elodea Densa in both corners of the tank, about a
dozen stems in each, Wisteria and a mixture of spiral and normal vals, in
the center. I think my background plants are a bit too bland, about half the
background is valis, the rest being wisteria with the e.densa in the
corners. I did have some cabomba but the stems went all funny and it stopped
growing (possibly as they prefer more acidy water). I dont want any plants
with this sort of leaf, the things get everywhere and make the tank look
messy IMHO.

Mid tank i have a couple of bunches (3 stems in each) of roseafolia which
grows very well, and some Bacopa Monnieri (i think) that is quite slow
growing but a very nice light green. I also have a crypt of some sort (i
believe it to be a crypt. it has no rooting system, more of a bulb type
thing. The leaves are crypt like with red around the edges and green in the
main part of the leaf). Also i have a bunch of japonicus which is currently
getting past its sell by date and dying off slowly.

What im after is some small plants to go at the front of my tank that will
grow well under my tanks conditions. I could go off and do a lot of research
but it could take me ages and thats why you people are here right; to ask
questions to!!.What about the following

Pigmy Chain Sword, Echinodorus Tenellus??

Thanks for your help


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