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Default Aggressive... guppies!?!?

I have a planted 75 gallon tank in which I keep mostly angels and a few
pearl and dwarf blue flame gouramis. Every so often I'll toss in twenty or
thirty feeder guppies which will keep the angels busy for a few days hunting
them down and slaughtering them. Well, a few guppies, which were on the
larger size, particularly females, escaped and have founded a flourishing
and vibrant subculture down amongst the undergrowth where the angels can't
go. I haven't discouraged them because I've noticed that guppies (like
mollies and swordtails) will eat some beard or brush algae which the otos
and snails don't.

Anyway, what's happened, is the guppies are harrassing the dwarf gouramis.
They're constantly stalking them and picking, poking, prodding and otherwise
relentlessly tormenting the poor fish, singly and in packs. One of the
gouramis has died and a couple of the others are looking pretty pathetic.
Does anyone have an explanation or theory to explain this? I've never seen
it before.


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