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John Smith[_5_] 21-09-2008 09:17 PM

Looking for free-floating plant species
While the local library has a lot of books about microalgae and
surface bound macroalgae, planktonic macroalgae/plants are if at
all only mentioned in foot notes.

I'm looking for plant(including algae) species that are at least 0.4mm
large and tolerate the following habitat:

- free-floating, completely submerged
- 10-30 C (usually: 16-23 C)
- 5-8 pH (usually: 6.5-7.5 pH)

Salinity (in-)toleration isn't an issue.

Thanks for any hints/ideas.

Kio Boskden

I hope you keep at least one Marimo Ball in your freshwater aquariums!

Keep them the size you want by just dividing them when they get big.


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