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Bob Alston 05-01-2011 03:15 PM

Heard about the aquatic plant ban in Texas? Your state next?
Have you heard about the new legislation (passed legislation!) in
Texas whereby a "white list" of approved aquatic plants is being
developed by the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife. By January
27, 2011, any one who possesses ANY aquatic plant not on the list will
be subject of a fine of $500 per plant.

Any plant that the TPWD did not even consider and so could not
possibly be on the white list becoms immediately banned.

New plants must be submitted to the TPWD for evaluation before anyone
in Texas can legally possess them.

Read more about this at this thread:

Public aquariums, wastewater treatment plants, research institutions
and a couple of others can apply for permits to possess selected
banned plants. There is no provision to allow "exotic plant" permits
(for otherwise banned plants) to private individuals.

Specifically banned plants include (among others):
C. Wentdii
C. Becketti
Rotala indica

I am writing about this action here as Texas is one of the "trend
setters" in new attempts to control the spread of invasive plants.
Your state is undoubtedly watching what happens in Texas. You will
likely be next!


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