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Djay 18-07-2003 10:16 AM

Pressurized CO2 update and one more question.
Purchased a 5 lb tank, regulator, needle valve all from sources from various
posts here and what was available locally. I made a DIY bubble counter and
after assembly everything is working beautifully and there are no detectable
leaks! Checked each connection with soapy water and fixed the original
bubble counter which was leaking nearly all the CO2.

Now I have about 55 CO2 bubbles/min bubbling into a reactor inside the tank.
The regularity and quantity of CO2 entering the reactor is quite a
remarkable improvement over DIY yeast.

Question... I am guessing that I will just measure my Ph to determine the
optimal bubble rate?

Thanks for all the help!


Original post...

I'm tired of doing the DIY Yeast CO2 constantly. I found a local place that
sells and refills CO2 containers at a reasonable price. Do any of you have
a regulator that you would recommend? While cheaper isn't always better,
I'm looking for a good value and good quality.



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