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Old 26-07-2003, 09:12 AM
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Default Good thread algae eater for 15 gallon tank with live plants

I just set up my tank 1 week ago and put in 3 kinds of plants that my friend
gave me. Unfortunately they had some thread algae on them (he has it pretty
bad) and now it's growing in my tank. Some of the leaves are already dying
so I'd like to get something that can eat the algae. Most of the plants
have small leaves, nothing broad like the Amazon Sword. So I'm not sure
what type of fish to get to eat thread algae on small leave plants. Also I
have a 15 gallon so I don't have a lot of room. I did quite a bit of
reading but it's still not clear. I read Ottos are good but can they eat
algae off small leaves?? I've read SAE work well but they're too big for a
15 gallon. I've read Amano Shrimp will eat it, but I don't think my LSF has
those (never saw them before). What about Ghost Shrimp? Finally I read
people have good results with Apple Snails (Pomacea bridgesii) but I'm
pretty sure my leaves are too small and flimsy to support their weight.

I was hoping to go 1 month before adding fish but I don't think I can wait
that long without losing my plants. I've had my filter running in my
friend's tank for 1 week and I will put it in my tank today, so hopefully
the filter will be full of bacteria. Will that allow me to add an algae
eater right away?


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