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David Modine 12-09-2004 11:05 PM

FS Multiple setups
Getting out of the hobby in preparation of moving.
Oceanic 200 RR Bleached Oak
Oceanic 135 Show Black
Oceanic 58 RR Black
All above have Oceanic Cabinet stands, glass canopies, & lights.

220 has large wet/dry with well designed PVC plumbing secured within
cabinet, shutoffs, quick disconnects for Eheim 2260, very self contained
with none of the filtration system visible from outside. Includes over 2"
deep florite.

58 has home made trickle filter made from 20 G long inside cabinet, also all
self contained inside with no externally visible hoses, etc.

120, 55, 40, 30L various manufacturers, with stands, glass tops, lights.

Multiple Power Compact lights, Eheim 2260 & 2250, Multiple Fluvals &
Aquaclears, Diatom XL, 2 RO units, Multiple 55 gallon water storage drums,
Ebo Jager heaters, test kits & probes, CO2 tanks & premium Victor
Regulaters, CO2 diffusers, Pinpoint CO2 Controller & electronic solenoid,
Multiple pumps eheim & LG, lots of plumbing & hose, chemicals, etc.

Located in Olney MD.
Willing to assist in transportation to nearby location (for a negotable fee)
with Full size P/U truck.

I'm only interested is selling whole set-ups at this time, I don't want to
start parting out stuff until neccessary (next year)

Serious inquirys only please

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