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Gerryc 01-10-2004 11:48 PM

CO2 Contoller compatability

Buzzard Face Wrote:
"Gerryc" wrote in message

I'll be visiting the USA soon (from Europe) and am thinking of
up a Milwaukee SM 122 PH Controller. I know I will need a new 220v
12v power adaptor to power the device, but my question is, will the
driver or relay within the device power a 230V solenoid (as opposed
110v USA solenoids) ??


My guess is NO. Check to see if they sell a 220v version.


Did some further investigation into this. Looks like the device will
actually handle both 115/230 VAC (as per the spec which I found on the
Milwaukee web site). The only problem is with the socket used for the
controlled device - (this sits between the mains socket and the
controlled device plug, with a pass-through for the neutral and a
switch wire (controlled via the controller) for the live) - which is a
US type fitting. This is problem is easily solved using a couple of
cheap travel plug adaptors.

Why bother? - the device is almost three times the price in Europe as
it is in the USA. If I'm wrong - I could just get a 115 VAC solenoid
and still save money!! I'll give it a try and let you know how I get


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