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Old 29-06-2006, 02:48 AM posted to rec.ponds,rec.gardens,rec.roses
Snooze & Roy
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Default June 28th Wednesday WARNING To All Groups

This is my new sock Snooze... along with Shastadaisey..... whats my
next move?

On Wed, 28 Jun 2006 13:27:08 -0500, Wndlen

Its not a problem joining that group snooze. They wil lhowever give
you the boot real quick if you get out of line to the point of
stirring up trouble with other members. Carol (Reel McKoi) on that
forum is kind of in the dark as there is just too much stuff thats
above her little brain. She asks questions which for the most parat go
unanswered, and the adice she does give on a rare occasion is wrong
anyhow. Those fooks forgot more than Carol would ever know....They do
know for fact who she is and whats gone on in the usenet
groups.....but Carol is just a name there nothing else. No chance of
being center of attention unless perhaps she may have a stand off and
threaten to jumop off a bridge or such, then perhaps that may put her
center stage, but highly unlikley. To me its worthwhile gettnig on
Koiphen and reading Carols posts as it just confirms what a dumbass
she really is......

Now she thinks she is cock of the roost on the new UK pond forum that
Timmy Hill or whatever it is. She tries to make it oook
like she is a big time koi dealer/ exhibitor/and has thousands of koi
she rasies and sell for a living, as well as tons of aquatic
plants......but the emails I have gotten form a few of those foks know
better and are just laughing behind her back so they do noto have to
boot the old bitch. They just do not pay her too much attention
either, but she tries her best to get it......she goes by Anniacharis
on that site. Funny the othe rnite someone asked about that forum and
she replied she just came from there and cojd not access it as it wsa
locked down. I was already on that forum and seen her enter as a
guest, then she registered as Anniacharis, made a post to get
attention and then log off.........then go and tell the other person
its locked down and could not be accessed. Guess she wanted one up on
being the attentin whore.

Give Koiphen a try, those are some really great folks there. Another
good one is as busy but still some good folks with
lots of knowledge and are not afraid to talk fish

. On Wed, 28 Jun 2006 18:15:02 GMT, "Snooze"

Koiphen also discusses all aspects of pond and fishkeeping.

How good is this site? Particularly, if koi-lo gets access to it, her
enemies will follow. Any policy on her access?


You can reach -Ed Alston at

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