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Dan Espen[_3_] 24-11-2018 09:17 PM

Hosta from seed?


Last winter I collected some hosta seeds from the garden
and planted them in a covered seed tray under lights.
I read somewhere that these plants don't come true from
seed which is what I'm looking for, something different.

The seedlings are now about an inch tall with 2-3 leaves.
They've been that way all summer. Some of the plants are dying

I notice that my outdoor hostas stop growing mid-summer
and don't start any new leaves until the next year.

I've put one of the plants in the fridge for a month
and my plan is to take the plant out pretty soon and
see if it sprouts new leaves.

I'm not sure the plants need cold or if a fridge is cold
enough. I could use the freezer. I'm not sure about how
long the keep the plant dormant.

Anyone have any experience with hosta seeds?

Dan Espen

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