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Faye Lifford-Earle 31-01-2003 03:40 AM

Casting 'concrete' pots etc...
Thanks for the site Val......I had been looking for such a place..
Ldymac in Canada

Valkyrie wrote:

"Mick709" wrote in message
Hello all!

I ran across an article in one of the gardening magazines last year about
casting pots and planters and whatnot in a 'concrete' of sorts thats a

mix of cement and peat moss etc where it comes out looking like a

piece of granite. I seem to recall it being referred to as "Hydrocal" or
something like that. Anyone know the REAL name and where I can get

etc? I am thinking this might be a fun wintertime project.


Mick in cold, COLD zone 6...

I have made stone troughs and used this recipe with good success.

2 parts pearlite
2 parts peatmoss
1 part portland cement
fiberglass binder
enough water to dampen but hold together

You can get the fiberglass binder stuff at Home Depot and places like that
now. When I first started making these I had to go to a cement company (
the places that send a cement truck to your house). I just tossed in a few
spoonfuls. It adds a great deal of strength without weight or bulk. You
don't have to worry about forming support structures, like chicken wire, to
be inside your pot, trough, whatever.

I sloshed on a mixture of buttermilk and moss whirled up in a blender to
speed the aging process after they dried and cured. They turned out really
great and were fun to make.

There's a pretty good book called "Creating and Planting Garden Troughs"
by Joyce Fingerut and Rex Murfitt.

The word you are looking for is HYPERTUFA. I found this website by putting
it in my browser, good info and pictures ( I just love visual aids!) I'm
sure there are plenty more sites you can browse for more ideas.

Good Luck and have fun!

Faye Lifford-Earle 31-01-2003 03:40 AM

Casting 'concrete' pots etc...
Thank you Dr C

Dr. Rev. Chuck, M.D. P.A. wrote:

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