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Old 23-06-2003, 06:20 PM
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Default Indoor hibiscus care??

I recently bought a hibiscus plant (approx. 30 inches in size in an 11
inch diameter pot) and have been reading conflicting reports about how
to take care of it. My thumb isn't very green, but I really want to
keep this sucker alive! I have it placed right near a window facing
west/southwest. I've read they like it warm, and in the evenings this
is the hottest spot in my apartment. (Not that warmth is a problem in
Dallas, TX summers.) But recently it looks droopy and has developed
lots of yellow leaves. It had one bloom that promptly wilted right
after I watered the plant. How often and approximately how much
should I water it?? I've been watering about once a week and it seems
to dry out really quickly. I try to avoid overwatering my other
plants and they all seem to be doing fine. Oh, and is it OK to water
it outside and let it sit for about an hour--where it gets really,
really hot--and then bring it inside the cooler apartment, or should I
just keep it where it is and not make it adjust to a temp change?

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Old 23-06-2003, 06:56 PM
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Default Indoor hibiscus care??

I have zero experience here, but I've grabbed a few good books while
For HIBISCUS ROSA SINESIS (Chinese Hibiscus, Rose-Mallow)

LOCATION: Bright SUnny, sheltered from wind and rain
in the book)

WATERING, FEDDING: During the growth period, water abundantly, BUT DO
drop if ball becomes dry. Until August feed twice a week. (feeding
refers to a fertilizer)

Another source agrees but says Feed till September. By stopping the
feeding you will harden the wood. Drainge is very important. They
both seem to indicate to set it outside for spring/summer--maybe Texas
is too hot...I dunno. They both require cutting back in spring like
roses to foster better, compact, healthier growth.

Hope that helps
DiGiTAL ViNYL (no email)
Zone 6b/7, Westchester Co, NY, 1 mile off L.I.Sound
1st Year Gardener
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Old 24-06-2003, 04:44 AM
Duane Runnels
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Default Indoor hibiscus care??

I've had a hibiscus for about 6-7 years. I'm in zone 5 so I have to bring
it indoors in the fall. I put mine in the sunniest window, near a heat
register, and water 2-3 times per week during the winter. Mine's about the
same size as yours. In the spring, I prune it and put outdoors but still
have to hand water once or twice per week. I feed mine all winter long and
it blooms pretty well. Sunlight seems to be the determining factor. Mine
tolerates full sun outside, but I know your TX sun is like a laser.
Nevertheless the things grow crazy in Florida. I would leave it outside
over the summer. The yellowing leaves are typically lack of water. Every
now and then I soak mine. Make sure you have good drainage. There is an
adjustment period moving outside or in, I'd leave it for the season in one
place or another.

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