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Happy Shopper 30-09-2003 09:03 PM

Herbal CD for trade
I have compiled 100s of medicinal plants, some with pictures (soon they will
all have pictures), all with the medicinal properties. Instructions for
germination, cultivation, maitenance, harvesting and storing.

I would like to trade the beta version for seeds, peat cups, cuttings or
oher related items. The beta version covers all the medicinal herbs.
The World Wide Web
How To Grow Healing Herbs by Astrid Derfler
Beating Arthritis by Joe West
Herbal Cures by Jim O'Brien
Healing Teas by Astrid Derfler
Historical Uses Of Herbs by Sheila J. Bullock
Plants Of The Gods by Rick Schultes and Albert Hofmann The Complete
Medicinal Herbal Guide by Penelope Ody
King James Bible - What the bible says about herbs:
GEN 1:11 - GEN 1:12 - GEN 1:29 - GEN 1:30 - GEN 2:5 - GEN 3:18
GEN 9:3 - EXO 9:22 - EXO 9:25 - EXO 10:12 - EXO 10:15 - DEU 32:2
2KI 19:26 - JBO 8:12 - JBO 38:27 - PSA 37:2 - PSA 104:14 - ISA37:27 - ISA

I have personaly invested 1000s of dollars and 1000s of man hours to compile
this CD. This beta version has all the info but still lacks some images.
This trading offer will not last for long. If you wish to trade please email
me at
When the CD is finished it will be listed for 29.95 and sold via ebay and
horticulture sites on the
WWW. If you wish to buy the beta version it is
$6.95 postage included.

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