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On Jun 21, 1:47*pm, Art wrote:
willshak wrote:
on 6/20/2008 8:51 PM Art said the following:
MICHELLE H. babbled:

The reason the fence is 10 1/2 inches back from the property line, is
because as I said when I started this topic, the fence is BACKWARDS,
with the smooth side facing his yard, and the inside of the fence facing
our yard. *

When you install a fence, you get to choose who gets to view the
pretty side. If he installed the fence then he can have the good side
facing him. That doesn't make it "BACKWARDS". If you installed it then
you were stupid for putting the good side away from you.

I'm glad you're not my neighbor.

In places where there are zoning laws and enforcement, the good side
faces away from the owner's property. Why should the person not fencing
in the property have to look at the ugly side of a fence? Would you put
the ugly side of a fence facing the street?

In my experience, and I am no fence expert, along the sides and back
where it borders on a neighbor's property, the good side generally faces
in towards whoever installed it. The street side is different, there the
good side faces the street. At least that is std practice where I live.

I would be surprised if any zoning laws or codes address which way a
fence faces. I could see where that could be a real can of worms with
some fences, where it's more a matter of opinion which side is the "good


It's not at all unusual for municipalities to have ordinances which
specify many things about fences, from setback, to max height, where
they may or may not be installed, (ie not permitted in front yards,
but OK in back), etc. And most definitely it's not unusual for it to
include something about which way the finished side faces. Which
only makes sense, as if you want to put up something it's only
reasonable that the side everyone has to look at be as good as the
side the person putting it up sees.
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Default Neighbor Fence Problem/Question?? LONG!!

"Eggs Zachtly" wrote in message
Tom J said:


Another good point. The ditch is supposed to be 2 ft wide, by 2 or
ft deep and with three 8 ft fence sections, it must be about 24 ft
long. That's 100 to 124 cubic feet. You sure can't fill that up
with 20 bags of topsoil. And with the ditch 2 feet wide at the
property line, the fence 4" from the property line, the whole
of this doesn't add up.

How long is it going to take you guys & girls to figure out someone is
"pulling your chain"?

It's a webtv user. They can't figure out how to use a computer to access
the net(s). How can you expect them to judge the size of a ditch?


A: Top-posters.
Q: What is the most annoying thing in newsgroups?

Right. And if you read one of Michelle's replies, she mentions deer on the
property. Must be awful low fencing for both parties. Zoning laws in
typically almost rural areas aren't typically enforced. Mostly live and let
live attitude. I got back here to find she hung herself with BS.

Always wondered why Microsoft's freebie Outlook Express top posts replies by
default. And, why they never offered a fix for typical newsgroup users.
Doesn't sound difficult in the least.

We have a right to choose.
Choices have consequences,
for both self, and others.
You probably considered yourself.

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Old 31-01-2011, 06:15 PM
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If you go all the way to red line, there is a big slooping trenches 2-3 feet deep, 2 feet wide of the property line, representing an increase his fence, which is about 3 inches back of the property line.
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