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Default hot water recirculator, instant hot water but not a water heating unit, saves water, gas, time, mone

Tired of waiting for hot water to arrive at your faucet? Don't be
fooled by imitations who claim to deliver hot water and save energy.
Check for temperature probe which senses the hot water not just
something that pumps continously thats a waste of energy. Check for
hard water friendly, otherwise the device will need cleaning and
maintenance. Installation, should be simple enough for a 10 year old,
no cutting, measuring, calibrating, or push buttons. A two year
warranty and years of market experience. RedyTemp hot water
recirculators are feature rich and preferred by plumbers who've
experienced them. Don't be fooled by autocirc, metlund, grundfos and
chilipepper! There subperformers when compared to the RedyTemp.
Zero wait time and no more waste... check out

is NOT a Water Heating Unit
How many americans turn on their hot water faucet and instantly get
hot water? Not many compared to the number that wait for hot water. Of
those that wait for hot water...are they collecting the water in
buckets while they wait or are they letting this drinkable clean water
go down the drain?

Invented and patented the ATC2000 Hot Water Recirculator (Automatic
Temperature Controller) putting an end to waiting for hot water and at
the same time saving water, gas, electric and time. Taking only 15
minutes to install in todays average home without any major plumbing
modifications, the ATC2000 delivers instant hot water to every faucet.
Its so easy the average do-it-yourselfer can do it.

saves water…

How is this possible? The ATC2000 has a temperature probe that senses
the temperature of the hot water line. If the hot water temperature
goes down, a small pump turns on and utilizing RedyTemp$BCT(B patented
manifold the cooled down water in the hot line is flushed into the
cold line and back into the water heater. Hence, you get instant hot
water everytime and no more wasting good water down the drain.

saves gas...

How is this possible? Since the ATC2000 recirculates the cooled down
water out of the hot water line and back to the water heater, less
$BEW(Bery cold” city water is brought in requiring heating to a hot temp.
Its easier to heat warmish water then it is to heat really cold city
water, thereby saving you gas.

saves electricity...

How is this possible? With ATC2000 installed there's no waiting for
hot water to arrive so the lights won't be on as much resulting in
less electricity being consumed.

With the ATC2000 installed you$BCM(Bl save each time hot water is used,
numerous times per day, each and every day, 365 days a year, year
after year.

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