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Old 03-04-2003, 02:44 AM
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Default herb or weed?

Nope its not a Carolina Geranium. We have some of those too.. and they
are a bit different. This is denser, bushier. But thanks for the
suggestion. Neat web site on weeds too... By the way if you click on
that original photo I posted, you can see the plant in question much
larger and more clearly.

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Old 03-04-2003, 03:08 PM
Sandie Hudson
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Default herb or weed?

I don't think that is her weed. But it IS the weed I was
trying to identify. I didn't even post yet, and I got an
answer. Thanks!

Now here is my question. I have a garden that has both
cultivated and wild flowers in it. Will it hurt anything to
leave this one there too?


"Cyndi" wrote in message
Geraniaceae caroliniaum L. (Carolina Geranium).
Diffusely-branched semi-erect winter annual.

Stems greenish-pink to red, densely hairy.
Leaves with long petioles, hairy, dissected into variously

divided segments, margins blunt toothed.
Flowers pink to purplish with five petals. Fruit a

five-parted capsule that forms a "stork's bill" up
to 0.5 inch (1.2 cm) long. Reproduces by seed. Found

throughout the continental United States and
Hawaii. Also occurs in Canada, the West Indies, Mexico,

Central and South America, and Australia. has

a photo.


"Doctoroe" wrote in message

. com...
It sure looks like an herb, but it has no obvious

herbie smell.
Anyone know what it is? Sure is a robust grower,

in the herb garden-
of all places:

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Old 17-04-2003, 11:20 PM
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Default herb or weed?

Thanks again to all who offered opinions. Still not sure what that
weed was. But as it matured it definitely got more weedy, and looked
like it was getting ready to throw seeds.. so out it came.
For those who like solving plant identities here is another one: Small
ferny almost a ground cover type plant, that has come back every year
from an original planting of mixed NC wildflower seeds. It is about 5
or 6 inches tall, rather fragile in appearance, but is really nice and
I would like to get more of it, if I knew what it was:
Three views:
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Old 19-04-2003, 02:20 AM
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Default herb or weed?

No pictures showed up at any of the 3 links.

Three views:

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Old 19-04-2003, 03:44 AM
Jennifer Richards
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Default herb or weed?

You've got to include the part of the URL that got wrapped to the next
line. Here are the full URLs:

Sorry I can't help with identification. Do they produce any flowers?

"Patti2cat" wrote in message
No pictures showed up at any of the 3 links.

Three views:

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Old 19-04-2003, 04:08 PM
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Default herb or weed?

Sorry about that. I think Blaine got it. I compared photos on the web
and it sure looks like yarrow to me. If and when it blooms I'll
confirm that.
Sorry about the url wrappings... better at gardening than I am

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