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Anne Lurie
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Default Indoor plant question

First, Pauline, you need not apologize to this NG for anything, IMHO
-- we have gone off on tangents before, and we will [no doubt!] do so

And, after, all you are talking about plants.....

Here's a website with some advice on Lucky Bamboo maintenance:

Also, some "clicked" when you mentioned the difficulty of changing the
water in a particular container -- has anyone ever tried using a
"turkey baster" to remove existing water so it could be replaced with
fresh water? (It's never been an issue for me, but it might be worth a

Anne Lurie
NE Raleigh

Pauline Leveille wrote:

Ok, I know I'm skirting the whole "garden" part of this newsgroup, but
it is a plant question, so.....

My Mother received some lucky bamboo as a gift when she was in the
hospital. My understanding of the care of this stuff is that you just
need to keep the water level up to a certain level and it will be ok.
I've read other sources that have said you need to change the water
every couple of weeks though, and wonder what is the correct thing to

The leaves of her plant are starting to yellow, and my Father is
wondering what to do about it - any ideas? He has been keeping it in
indirect light, and keeping the water level up. This particular plant
is in a tall asian-design vase that is white porcelain, can't see
through it, and it is filled with stones and the bamboo is inserted in
there - it would not be easy to change the water on this particular
plant. And, I have one that has never had the water changed, and it
is doing fine.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Pauline

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