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Anne Lurie
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Default Kleim's Gardenia

Sorry, RP, I didn't mean to mislead you about Kleim's gardenia, as I never
even heard of it until I googled for it yesterday. Most of the references
that Google turned up dealt with gardenias in pots.

Do you know where the gardenia was purchased? There might be some help for
you there.

There was already a gardenia (unknown variety) here when we bought our
house. The poor thing gets absolutely blasted by afternoon sun, but it
seems okay with that. It had a tough winter a few years back with major ice
& snow; it "fell down" 4 times and only came back up 3 times, so I cut it
*way* back to about 18".

I've never given the gardenia any iron, but I do use the "acidic" fertilizer
marketed for Azaleas, etc. Right now, it has a bit of "tip burn" from the
freeze we had here at mid-April, but I'll deal with that when I get around
to it -- any day now!

Anne Lurie

"blorefan" wrote in message
"Anne Lurie" wrote in message

All right, folks, let's calm down now, okay? (And yes, I do realize the
irony of my being the one to say that!)

First of all, RP, weeds are a fact of life -- they can & will happen,

that alone isn't enough reason to feel you've been ripped off.

Second (shoulda been first, I guess) -- did you make any attempt to
resolve this with the original landscaper?

Third, your mention of spending $4000 may have put some people off, as

bet there are many newsgroup members who will never in their entire
gardening careers spend that much money.

Fourth, as for the Kleim's Gardenia, it may like some sun -- I'm not
entirely certain, as nearly all the references I found were for

growing in pots, so they may indeed need iron, but it's due to the tap

they get.

Finally -- and I say this with all due respect, and a bit of [sorta]
personal experience -- it might be better if you don't take on such
complicated projects when you folks are "expecting" any minute! I don't
know why it is that pregnant women get a "bad rap" for hormonal

when I've seen so many men do inexplicable things while awaiting the

of a child. Fortunately, I no garden to speak of in 1970 when my son

born, so there was nothing for hubby to do to the garden. My mother,
however, was not so lucky -- in 1957 my father unilaterally decided to

her a favor" by replanting some 8' holly trees that he thought my mother
(who majored in horticulture at Penn State) had planted too far from the
house! (Boy, was he lucky that those hollies survived!)

Anne Lurie
NE Raleigh


Is there any chance that my Kleim's gardenia will survive in its
present location in ground ? Do you know of anybody who has planted
them in ground in the area? I appreciate your input.

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