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Gene Schurg 14-03-2003 10:44 PM

Warranty problems with Trion Humidifier
For the past week I've been stuck in a finger pointing situation with Trion
and JA Nearing (JANCO) Greenhouses.

Last September I purchased a greenhouse and the necessary appliances from
JANCO in Laurel Maryland. One of the items I purchased was a Trion 500
Hermidifier (a very popular brand). The unit is beginning to fail and I'm
nursing it along to keep it working.

The unit has a 2 year warranty that Trion says should be honored by the
distributor/dealer. JANCO says they don't warrant anything they don't
manufacture. The customer (me) is stuck in the middle. Neither side seems
to be moving.

Hopefully, this will get resolved soon but I though I should warn any of you
who may be considering puchasing products from JANCO or Trion products that
warranty resolution is fight.

Good Growing,

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