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Agent Orange 27-06-2018 09:43 PM

Repotting: Why NOT Use Pine Bark?
On Sunday, May 19, 2002 at 10:13:38 AM UTC-4, Rod T. Rogers wrote:
Hello Fellow Enthusiasts,
Over the years, I have repotted my 50 or so phals, dens, cats, paphs, and
oncidiums in my homemade mix consisting of 70% PINE bark, 25% recycled (wine
bottle) cork chunks, and 5% charcoal. All plants are thriving and in excellent
condition. However, every one of my dozen or more orchid books refer to "bark"
or "fir bark" but NEVER pine bark, as an acceptable potting component. I
realize there are many "old wives tales" regarding various aspects of
orchid-tending, but this silence on the attributes of pine bark continues to
elude me. Is there ANYONE out there able provide a VALID horticultural
rationale as to why pine bark may be inappropriate and/or unacceptable as a
potting amendment?
Rod T. Rogers
L.I., NY, Zone 7

I've been using a blend of chopped tire rubber/rock salt and Roundup. This terminates my orchids much more quickly than my old way of "over watering". Instead of lasting maybe a month...they now give up the ghost within a week or so. Cheerio Ya'll! AO

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