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Old 13-05-2003, 03:32 PM
Siew Hong
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Default Den Aggregatum syn Den Lindleyii

Dear Wendy

Many thanks

I will re-post onto the group

Yes... The tag should properly read as Den lindleyii syn. Den aggregatum

The temperature range in northern Thailand vary from 28C to 34C in the day
dropping to 8C to 15C at night. Den lindleyii comes from heights of about
300m to 1000m and so can be classified as an intermediate to warm grower. We
have difficulty flowering them in Singapore because of the high night time
temperature. We resort to cling wrapping the plants and tossing them in the
fridge at night (no kidding!!)

As for Den Jenkinsii, I am not familiar with this plant because it
apparently comes from the Indian subcontinent, near Burma. I have seen the
plant in cultivation but not in flower. According to some growers like Bur
Leigh Park in Australia, it is supposed to be a variety of Den lindleyii
because they are structurally similar but smaller. That may very well be
the case. The plants in Dendrobium Section Callista tend to be very similar
in structure and growth habit and flower shape. I personally like them a
lot but find them frustrating because they are so challenging.

Siew Hong

On 5/12/03 10:33 PM, Wendy wrote:

Hello Siew, Thank you ever so much for the information on this plant.
Did you post this to the group & MD as they were his photo's?
I actually have two of these plants & the one has (syn. Jenkinsii)???
The naming of orchids is confusing to me, I just try to grow them *g*
How should the tags read? Den. lindleyii (syn. aggregatum)?
What would the temps be in the highlands of N. Thailand?
I can ask questions forever!
Will attach my photo which bloomed in July, I think?
Thanks again, keep in touch,
Cheers Wendy
----- Original Message -----
From: "Siew Hong"
To: "Wendy"
Sent: Monday, May 12, 2003 6:41 AM
Subject: Den Aggregatum syn Den lindleyii

Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.

It appears a little paler than the ones I'm used to seeing from Thailand.
Could be the lighting. Incidentally, they are now renamed Den lindleyii.

One question though - does RF confirm that this is a species and not a
hybrid? The flower colour and aspect seems to tend towards Den farmeri
because Den lindleyii is two-toned orange/yellow - not whitish yellow on

petals and sepals. I mention this because there is a company just outside
Bangkok called Supachadiwong Orchids that do a lot of weird crossings with
bulbophyllum, chilochistas as well as "non-traditional" dendrobiums such

those from Section Formosum and Section Callista (where farmeri and
lindleyii are grouped into). Their offerings are really great fun but
because they work with a lot of unusual stuff and they are not really

with tagging their plants, they tend to give the puritanical taxonomists
headaches and not a few red faces.

Anyway, coming back to your plant, they're very hardy. In northern
Thailand, they survive very dry, exposed conditions up in the highlands

flowers in November or so when the rains come. That's why the bulbs and
leaves are rather leathery. Keep them dry and mounted on cork or fernbark
and they should do very nicely.

Good luck and happy growing

Siew Hong

On 5/12/03 10:02 AM, in article [email protected], "Wendy"

Beautiful flowers & a good choice. Cheers Wendy
"MD" wrote in message ...
This is one that I got while at RF in florida last month. Needless to

I'm pretty stoked. Hopefully I can keep it alive.


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