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Default Who We Are?

What do you think? I think it's been a while since we have all introduced
ourselves to each other here on rgo. There was the exchange of photos of
ourselves on abpo in August-September, but unless I have missed it, I think
the last time we had a "Who We Are" thread on rgo was in January-February,
and I know we have newcomers (including new regulars) since then (and maybe
some lurkers will de-lurk like they did the last time for this thread?).

If you are a newcomers, or if you did not respond the last time, or if your
answers to "What do I grow?" or "Where do I grow?" or "biggest orchid
accomplishments" have changed quite a bit in the meantime, please please

Even if you have responded before, here are a few reasons for you to reply
again: newcomers may not know you yet, not everyone searches the archives
and even if they did this kind of thread is not as easy to find since the
title contains only common search words and newcomers won't know which terms
to use to search for this, and Groups Google is in the process of changing
their site and thus I am not sure how safe it is to post links to old
messages and threads.

In November 2001 Kye posted a message containing a set of questions to
encourage fellow rgo'ers to introduce themselves. I think that this is worth
doing on a regular basis. So here are Kye's questions with my revised
-- Who am I and What Is My Gender?

Joanna, female (How many male Joannas do you know? I was thinking of
omitting Kye's gender question, but then I thought of Kenni Judd, who I
assumed for the longest time was male, and who is female, and so I decided
to leave it in after all.)
-- Where am I? Where do I grow?

Alexandria, Virginia (Washington DC area, USA). Windowsills and shelves of
one and a half bedroom apartment (northern exposure with supplemental grow
lights). My orchid collection has meanwhile expanded to all 4 windows in
the apartment, but there is still room for many more orchids since the
shelves have more levels than are currently occupied..

-- What do I grow?

24 Phals/Dtps, 5 Paphs, 1 cochleanthes amazonica, and 1 miniature cattleya
(31 orchids total, and beginning to have trouble counting them -- 21 of
these were acquired in 2004 (How many will I have this time next year, I
wonder? shudder)

-- The decade of my age?


-- How long have I been growing orchids?

Started in May 2001 with an orchid that was a wedding present, and was
decapitated accidentally with the window blinds a week later, and so I
acquired a second to be able to truthfully say "yes, the orchid is doing
beautifully" on the phone to the gift-giver of the first one. 3.5 years
later, both of these orchids have rebloomed every half or full year since,
except that the first one leaped off the shelf and broke it's most recent
spike not too long ago (I'm innocent, wasn't even in the room when it
happened). The other one is in bloom again now.

-- My biggest orchid accomplishment(s)?

15 of my orchids have rebloomed for me, and only 2 of the 10 orchids that I
have had over one year long have not rebloomed yet. Also I haven't killed a
single orchid yet, though I have come close (there is one currently that is
barely hanging in there, but I am beginning to think it will make it). And
no, I have not given away any that were not doing well, so I'm not cheating.

-- Miscellaneous Info...

I am a new US citizen this year (voted for the first time, and am really
looking forward to the next election, which I hope will turn out
differently.) I am originally from Poland, and then Austria, but sometime in
the next year I will have lived half my life in the US. I work as a Web
application developer (contractor on federal government projects, most
recently for the Department of Education). I am married to David, who is a
very considerate orchid addict's spouse (for example, he comes with me to
Al's orchid greenhouse, and he is usually willing to let me acquire more
orchids than I would have probably gotten on my own.) My hobbies include:
orchids (who knew?!), bread making with bread machine, crocheting, reading,
and teaching Sunday School at church (to a group of 2 through 11 year olds).

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