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H Playel 18-02-2005 03:32 PM

Phalaenopsis cross pod maturation...
I have a pod on a primary cross I made between P equestris (blue variety)
and P celebensis in september 04. Now the pod has lessened a bit in size,
but still looks healthy. I am thinking about trying to harvest the pod while
it is still green, but I don't know how long to wait!
Anyone have any advise or information for me about pod maturation for phals?
I know I have seen the info before somewhere on the net, but I cannot find
it again... It would be great to get some input from RGO!
Really looking forward to this cross, both parent plants are exquisite.

PS, I have general knowledge of orchid propagation, have Bulbophyllum and
Oeceoclades in flask now, so that's my only knowledge base right now DS

Thank you in advance!

Mick Fournier 19-02-2005 04:31 AM

H Playel

Take a magnifying glass and look closely at the stem section connecting the
pod to the spike. A plant will cut off water/nutrients to the pod by
twisting this section of stem and strangling the pod... which dries out and
then cracks open.

There are three lines running parallel along this section of stem. If they
are still running nice and straight then your pod is still
growing/developing. If the plant has already started twisting this small
section of stem and completed at least a 120 degree "twist" then I would
feel confident in processing it.

And of course , if your pod has starting turning yellow then it is time to
harvest it.

HBI, Producers of Fine Orchids in Flask

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