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solarant 11-11-2010 10:33 AM

The Status of Camelina Biofuel...
Camelina is one of the newest darlings as a biodiesel feedstock. Hype aside, what indeed is the real status of camelina in terms of biodiesel production? Are there are any medium or large scale biodiesel refineries using camelina as a feedsatock?

My interest in camelina was further piqued when I saw this post that claimed All Flights will Run on Camelina Fuel by 2025. That sounds preposterous to me.

To my knowledge, no one is producing biofuel on even a medium scale from camelina right now. How are folks certain that this feedstock is the best and could scale to produce commercial quantities of biofuels?

What is your take on camelina as a biofuel feedstock?

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