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Alex 14-07-2003 09:02 PM

I recently saw a message on (I think!) this Group asking whether
anyone knew of web sites devoted to all aspects of self-sufficiency.

For people serious about this subject, the site to check out is The
Get-A-Life Index. It's at
It's so new I don't think the search engines have picked it up yet.

There are hundreds of references-- Not only to web sites, but also to
books and articles and other information. They're organized into
categories and sub-categories including Food (gardening, foraging,
recipes, storage, etc.); Alternative Medicine; House-building,
Homesteading; Energy (solar, wind, etc.); Work (starting your own
business or changing jobs/careers), etc.

I have a background in research and librarianship, so I was looking
for something more professional than the many (well-intentioned) sites
that too often feature skimpy information, too many ads, and outdated
links. The Get-A-Life Index charges for access, but the front end
looked so interesting that I decided to pay the small fee ($9.00), and
I wasn't disappointed. Large, well-organized, broad-ranging, and 100%
information. (No Ads!) All the free sites on the web are cool, but
you get what you pay for.


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