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len gardener 26-03-2004 06:32 PM

The Breedersons revisited
g'day judanne,

i hadn't been following this thread.

when i lived in brissy the yard we ahd was a south-south/west aspect
adnt ehneighbour over the back on the east-north/eastern side ahd
these huge slash pines along the back fence, the result to me was very
much reduced sun period through winter this realy minimised or slowed
garden productivity right down from my experience. from all the garden
beds i had i could only use 1 which was something like 1/6 of what was

iknow the heat of the noon day sune say from 10am to about 3pm up here
can affect plants production unless they get some shade in that period
but productivity from the gardens up here even with minimal water is
far greater than it ever was in brissy, higher rainfall area. by my
reckoning they need at least that direct sun up until about 9 or 10
o'clock, and in winter the brassicas etc.,. need all the sun they can
get with the shorter days adn the suns path being right up in the
norther sector.

eg.,. if i grow jap pumpkin from organic seeds i buy they wilt like
crazy and need heaps of water to get them through the middle of the
day out in full sun, but with the volunteers that grow they all but
produce on rain water they hardly wilt at all, don't know why this is.
but from my experiences vege's for the most need a good dose of sun as
well as shade, still developing the sahde here.

that's just how len sees it.

not my new web addy

happy gardening
'it works for me it could work for you,'

"in the end ya' gotta do what ya' gotta do" but consider others and the environment

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