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len gardener
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Default perceptions

ok and i'm going to use upper case here from time to time.

LOVE HIM OR HATE HIM it matters not - permy people have come out of
the woodwork and are chatting.

can i reitterate if i may please?

i DID NOT target any individual, nor did i target what they do.

i cannot deal with anyones perceptions and I don't intend to, i
believe as i said in earlier posts we all have the freedom of
expression and speech.

i have never circumvented that right, i have never beratted any one on
a personal level, that is not my style, if you don't believe me do
some searches of other forums involved with gardening and where i may
have a differing opinion to someone i DO NOT target that person, i
simply write me right of of reply in my own words and opinion OK?

and i will stick by what i said be it seen as rather crude and full
on, i do get feedback from people at grass roots level as i ply my way
through life and try and encourage and as yet never taken any money,
but that is my decision the way i see it saving this planet we all
call home cannot come down to the all mighty buck or quid or new pound
whatever ok.

i put a post in about loo's ok yes i get carried away and it's more
like a yarn but guess what as before when i have posted items where i
want to encourage new people and open chat with long time pc'ers in
this forum it has all but fallen flat, as have many threads started by
new people over the time.

ok through this and other forums i have had the very good fortune to
meet people, you know be able to put a face to a user name, my wife
and i have 2 good friends i hope very good friends who moved from
brissy suburby where we got to meet them through this forum they now
live 1 hour north of us yes we do have lunches together yes we do have
phone calls, yes we do visit each other, and most of all becuaes of pc
we help each other, we work together, and NO we don't agree on all
things great and small that impact on our collective lives but we
share a cask red together and we don't resort to NAME calling.

in simple terms and not taking any accolades this group has come to
life over the past few days and guess what we didn't have to do it by
trying to convince someone that they need pay big bikkies for some
sort of course. there has been more posts generated here out of the
heat of the moment perceptions than all of the posts generated over
all of the permy forums/groups to date for a long time.

you believe waht you want but i ahve people asking me where they can
chat with people and get/share ideas about what people are actually
doing any one can plagerise any one can theorise but they aint doing
it?" ok so unless we want pc to die then we need to do something.

and just for the record OK: i could not imagine a worse job on earth
than to be a moderator for any sort of group OK got that, i don't want
to run anything at all OK got that so now i'm going back to my bad
galss of red cordial and those here who wish can go back to their
equally bad bottle of malt or whiskey whatever whilst in a dark

i am not as hidden as some might portray i do have a homepage simple
though it may be i do have a resume' page on that site it does contain
a pic of me and my lovely, i do post pages of hints and tips and
advice from my experiences over the years. i do not sell anything to
do with sustainability, self-sufficency or permaculture, they are
broad topic subjects with very many variables, yes i have offered our
property for sale i DO NOT see that as anyway being equated to people
who try and sell or promote permaculture through certificate courses
or diplomas and they are out there aplenty.

so folks i guess the ball may be in you court? i dunno? all i know is
this forum as with others has all but fallen over and as one of our
good pc'ers said we need new meat coming in all the time so we can
promote pc without the dollar sign.

happy gardening
'it works for me it could work for you,'

"in the end ya' gotta do what ya' gotta do" but consider others and the environment

my e/mail addies have spam filters you should know what to delete before you send.

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Janet Baraclough..
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Default perceptions

Denial, self-justification and self-admiration won't work, Len.

Forget the immature asides about alcohol; there's nothing manly or
amusing about an incoherent, incontinent drunk spewing his guts from
both ends, leaving other people to clear up the mess.


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