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Clarissa Westenburger 16-11-2006 07:43 PM

Plantbio Digest, Vol 18, Issue 4
Some thoughts: Crops research dept at USDA located in Beltsville, MD might
help and they have an extensive library in Beltsville, Maryland.

There is a Herbarium in Washington, DC at the US National Arboretum which
has always had notable botanists like Skinner who is retired and T. R.
Dudley (who was a Rhodes Scholar) and published many research papers as well
as the Arboretum directors. I'm not sure if they still have their library.
Dudley and others became famous for their explorations around the world,
especially in the remotest locations of the earth, like the Cordillera
Vilcabamba in Peru, or explorations in China and Turkey. They have a
herbarium (dried plant collection) from their explorations and it is used to
identify plants from all over the world.

As an interesting note, the U.S. National Arboretum also had been given and
grew the famous seeds found in a Chinese glacier. Although ancient, frozen
and had very little chance for survival, those seeds sprouted into the
metasequoia glyptr-spelling is lost on me now-so that now everyone can see
the great trees known only to ancient times, which were tended and grown at
the US National Arboretum.

Clarissa Westenburger

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I'm hoping you can help me out of a jam. I am a novelist based in New York.
I'm writing a mystery novel which has as a character an Archeobotanist. In
the prologue to the story he has uncovered an ancient jar of grain which,
when broken, awakens and unleashes a dormant corn disease that is quickly
spreading globally. Here's my problem, I want this character to help the
agricultural pathologists in the story to identify and cure the disease.
I'm wondering how to describe how the character might do this. Can you
please help me?

Thank you.

Robert P. Bennett
Author: "Blind Traveler Down A Dark River"


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