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Satzan Subedi 31-03-2008 06:39 AM

Help for the articles
Dear All,

I am enrolling Ph.D in climate change from Tribhubhan University Nepal. I am
going to analyze the vegetation of the ecotones in the alpine region using
the GLORIA methodology and reconstructing the climate of the eastern
Himalaya using dendro-chronological tools. In this regard, I am needing the
literatures related to impact of climate change on vegetation and the
dendrochronological research related with climate change. I humbly request
you all to provide me support if you have any articles on these matters. I
have very limited access to the electronic journals and beyond my reach as
they are very costly to purchase. I want to clear that I am needing these
articles purely for academic review purpose, not for sale or any kind of

Sajan Subedi

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