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Crystal Flanagin 12-07-2008 03:43 AM

What kind of house plant is this?
My father in law gave me a plant almost a year ago and I cannot find any one that can identify it. When I got it he had it in a small plastic bottle with water, it looked unkempt so I cleared the dead branches and planted it in soil in a small pot. It didn't seem to like much sun as it would kind of wither up. It has thin fuzzy stalks with small oblong leaves. Every few weeks the entire outside of it turns brown and sheds like a snake. I thought it was dying the first time it happened but it seems to be getting longer in the stalk, and turns light green when the outside sheds off. I am down to just a few stalks and would like to either figure out a way to reroot this one or buy more. Please help, I don't have any pictures but could take some to show you if you need me to.

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