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Pieruschka, Roland 14-06-2017 02:42 PM

WG: COST/EPPN2020 Workshop, 29-30th of September 2017
Dear All,

The COST Action FA1306 and the EPPN2020 project are organizing a workshop on plant phenotyping 29-30th of September 2017.

Abstract: Deadline 15th of July, 2017
Registration: Deadline 15th of August, 2017
The workshop addresses current and future applications of phenotyping for plant breeding with the following topics:
* The value of phenotyping networks (COST, EPPN2020, EMPHASIS, IPPN)
* Enabling access for academia and industry to the European plant phenotyping infrastructure within the EPPN2020 project
* Phenotyping/Breeding for biomass improvement
* Phenotyping/Breeding for nutrient efficiency
* Phenotyping/Breeding of perennial crops
* Phenotyping/Breeding for biotic stress tolerance
* Phenotyping/Breeding for abiotic stress tolerance
The workshop is linked to the International Legume Conference and takes place at the same venue:

On behalf of the organizers,

Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH
52425 Juelich
Sitz der Gesellschaft: Juelich
Eingetragen im Handelsregister des Amtsgerichts Dueren Nr. HR B 3498
Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats: MinDir Dr. Karl Eugen Huthmacher
Geschaeftsfuehrung: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Marquardt (Vorsitzender),
Karsten Beneke (stellv. Vorsitzender), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Bolt,
Prof. Dr. Sebastian M. Schmidt

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