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Arin280 02-08-2009 09:36 PM

Introducing the Global Directory of Doctoral Dissertations
Dear Botany Researcher

Doctoral dissertations help to advance knowledge and innovation.
However, we have lacked one central location where the global research
community can access these dissertations and some of the
groundbreaking research they contain.

With this in mind, MyNetResearch has created the Global Directory of
Doctoral Dissertations containing details of thousands of
dissertations. You can access them at:

Past and present doctoral students can also submit and update their
dissertation details. The benefits include; (a) having your work
cited, (b) having other researchers build upon your work, and (c)
general recognition of your work. If you have completed or will soon
complete your doctoral dissertation, please email us at
, with your:

* Name
* Doctoral Dissertation Title,
* University,
* Country, and
* Year

We will include your dissertation in the MyNetResearch Global
Directory of Doctoral Dissertations.

Currently, over 8,550 researchers from 95 countries and multiple
research specialties use MyNetResearch for their research activities.
Visit the #1 rated Global Research Management and Collaboration Portal—
MyNetResearch today, at:


Bay Arinze, Ph.D., Founding Editor
Empowering Collaboration™

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