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Old 29-10-2004, 12:40 PM
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Default Compounding replacing Darwin Evolution; NOVA show on tetrapods of Devonian

"Peter Jason" wrote in

...........uh, just like our never-serious Cereus. Guess he is,
after all, just a randy little furry frigid midget running in
circles 'round the newsgroups with his tiny rigid digit.
And a Darwinian to boot!
Why has generational time spans have no effect on evolution?
That is why does a bacterium with a life span of minutes evolve at
the same rate as human with one of 80years?
It's impossible. Darwin is wrong and so are you.

Sean Houtman wrote:
Eh, bacteria can adapt to a different food source, or very different
growing conditions in a few generations. Humans are already adapted
for a variety of food sources, as well as conditions, but that
appendix is still there, even after more than 10 generations have
passed since it became useless. Can a human change body chemistry
sufficiently to adapt to higher altitude or different temperatures
in the same few minutes that the bacteria can change its response to
its environment? No, humans can't do that, it takes weeks for blood
cell counts to change. Your claim that generational time spans have
no affect (you said effect) is not supported by this simple test.

Well I've got no biological training, but you're both wrong:

1. at the 'lower level' : water molecules and sodium ions; the speed
is the same for the bacteria and the elephant.

2. at the evolutionary level: the elephant population doesn't
'become immune to' antibiotics or anti-malarial medication in
50 years, because unlike the pathogens, the elephant doesn't
have many generations in 50 years, to PROVE Darwin's theory.

== Chris Glur.

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