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hotpepper 14-09-2005 12:31 PM

New pond owner needs some advice
Hi everyone,

I inherited a pond about two years ago when I bought my house and
I've not done anything with it until now. The pond is made from
stone and concrete with some very nice stone work in and around the
pond, its 2m X 3m X 0.5m and is in a shady spot. It had 3 gold fish
with not filtration.

My daughter talked me into clearing it our so I did the following:

- Pulled out as many plants as possible as it was very over grown and a
total mess but left a large collection of lilies in the middle with
some reeds and crispa.

- After all the muck settled the water was a bit green and murkey (by
this point I was hooked) so went out a bought a large
filter/pump/UVC/air ball (6000 ltrs/hour) some lights, some more plats
and within a couple of days the water was crystal clear.

- Now more hooked. I Read that you should clear the pond once a year so
stuck my hand in and found nearly a foot deep of decaying stuff down
there with a thick layer of sludge. Mostly from a very large conifer
right next to the pond. Not knowing anything, I got on my hands and
knees and pulled it all out and then used a net to scrape as much off
the bottom. Now there is about =BD - 1 in think sludge at the bottom
and the water is clear. The pond never smelt bad and the stuff I pulled
out didn't smell too bad either apart from the

- When out and bought 6 more gold fish of various kinds + 3 Orfe and 3
Tench. All seem happy, feeding well and swimming about. Also have at
least 2 frogs and a newt. Looks and sounds very nice.

Now totally hooked!

My questions a

1 - Have I done the right thing or should I have drained the pond
completely first and gave it a total clean out?

2 - Should I drain it anyway and start over even after all the work
so far?

3 - Will I have to clean it out every year?

4 - Is there anything else I need to do?

5 - Someone told me I may have too many fish - is this the case?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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