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Wanda 29-01-2006 05:52 AM

Water Lilly Mortality!
I have four water lillies of different varieties in my pond. All but two
still have leaves & these aren't looking too healthy with brown spots over
much of the leaves.

My pond is around 8ft in diameter, on average 25cm deep. It's 50-70% shaded
throughout much of the day with the most light exposure being during morning

After placing the lillies in the position where they would receive the least
direct light I moved them to a spot where they would receive the most due to
the leaves dying off. Before the leaves started dying I did notice some
brown spotting on the leaves. I read somewhere this was due to a lack of
nutrients so added some non-phospherous fertiliser. This caused an algae
bloom & didn't seem to help the lillies at all.

Animal life in the pond include 4 standard goldfish, one lionhead goldfish,
a handfull of minnows, four mystery snails & a couple of unknown snails.

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