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Delilah 22-08-2012 11:12 PM

Black jelly blobs on strings..(not spawn)

HELP!! A couple of weeks ago I thought I had some late toad spawn...strings of black jelly blobs..but I looked this evening and the whole of my wildlife pond (c.15'x5'x4' deep) is alive with this horrible black stuff like strings of beads of varying size.
My pond is just over 2 years old and well established and home to newts, frogs, toads, dragonfly larvae, water beetles..and seemingly every pond creature going. (No fish). This is the first time I have seen anything like is not in the smaller wildlife pond which is very nearby.
I have photos but as I am very new I do not know how to post them.
Should I scoop this stuff out and destroy it? It looks like something out of Quatermass...
(I live in Suffolk, if that helps)


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