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Default KOI $$$

"Gill Passman" wrote in message
~Roy~ wrote:
On Mon, 19 Mar 2007 12:16:01 CST, "Reel McKoi"

From what I have seen here in TN the quality is about the same in
both places. Only the prices are different.

What credentials do you have to make an assumption they are the same
in quality. It takes along long time to properly asses and be able to
judge a koi by its attributes, and its future coloring.....and a good
working knowedge on genetics .......to determine what a young koi
of such and such will more than likely turnout to look like when it
matures.....Something that I doubt seriously that you or anyone else
here is properly qualified to do.

Although I seriously doubt that the majority of hobbysists have the level
of detail necessary to judge quality in purist Koi keeper terms you cannot
discount the experience gained by years of keeping fish. I suppose that
there are different levels of judging quality of fish - to me it would be
that they appear healthy, they are of good colour and the environment that
they are being kept in is clean with no dead or diseased fish......

There you go! Simple common sence answer. Both places have fish equally
colorful and healthy appearing. That's what the average pond keeper *in my
area* is looking for. They're pets for backyard ponds and need not be
perfect like show koi. All they want are healthy colorful fish.

Considering folks that spend the
time to know the genetics of koi is not going to be playing with fish
bought at petsmart of $5.......quality.....I have yet to see any real
koi keeping terminology ever used on this forum when it comes to beni.

There is a lot of money in Koi at the higher end of the hobby at which
point I would agree with you that these people won't be going out and
buying $5 fish....

And you wont find these people at chain pet stores or the run of the mill
Pond Store. If they're into genetics they're buying them from people who
specialize in show quality expensive fish.

.and probably don't post here as this is essentially a
group for hobbyists rather than professional koi keepers/breeders - but
that is not to say that they don't....

Not saying however there is not anyone, but usually if there is its
easy trait to spot as its part of their normal way of presenting a
post. To say wuality is the same is bogus and wrong. Odds are there is
not much perhaps top you or anayones else, but there is probably
enough to justify 5 or 10 bucks more in most cases......for the fish
most pond shops sell........it has nothing to do with quanity.

When it comes to paying that little bit extra (although I've not really
noticed the differences in price over here that the OP mentions) you are
not only paying for the fish themselves - usually in the UK you are also
paying for the good service that you receive from the staff in the shop

RIGHT!!!!! You may pay a lot more at the Pond Store, but you will get
individual attention and most likely an employee who knows something about
ponds and fish. The quality of the fish will be about equal since most
places get them from the same vendors or the vendors get them from the same
breeders. Few fish here are sold as imported, and what I've seen I was not
impressed with. Those from Japan and Israel that I have seen are no more
colorful or healthy than what the American breeders are producing. Shapes
varied a little as do those in fish shows. If I were looking for a top
quality fish I certainly wouldn't be gong to a local pond store or pet shop.

- the quality of advice and the actual care that they give the fish whilst
under their supervision......I would more rather pay a few pounds more for
a fish kept well in a specialised shop than save some money from fish that
are essentially being sold via a Pet Shop....

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