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REBEL JOE 08-05-2003 05:20 AM

Feeding fish
Once in morning when I am sitting by pond drinking morning coffee.

[email protected] 15-05-2003 05:08 AM

Feeding fish
Jo Ann and Steve got a pond full of huge koi, like 60 koi from 18-30 inches long and
many of them that pudgy shape in the middle full of eggs. I saw Steve give em their
one time a day feeding in the evening, he says it is 1 PINT of food. OK.. so it
looks like between 1-2 pints. In any case, that isnt much food, they DONT have
anything else to eat in the pond cause there isnt lots of algae or veggies. and
those suckers are growing, I know cause I saw em 4-5 years ago.
They feed them Grand Champion and Ogata.

"Priscilla McCullough" wrote:
How often do you feed your fish?
I feed every evening on weekdays and on weekends I give them a little
something that morning to. I just like to watch them go to town. lol

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