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Old 08-05-2003, 07:20 PM
John Rutz
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Default Determining Proper Flow From Biofilter - Chooseing biofilter

Lisa wrote:
Hi. I'm confused about this....

1. How do you determine the proper flow rate through a biofilter to
calculate say a water change once per hour or say twice per hour?

2. If you have say an 1800 gph pump moving your biofilter.... Does
the resulting spillover SPEED/VOLUME from the biofilter/waterfall to
the pond, vary with the size of the filter tub?

I.e.; if I have an 1800 gph pump. Would I have a different
Rate/speed/volume OUT of the waterfall if I have a 35 gallon bio vs. a
70 gallon?
Would I have a wimpier waterfall with a 70 than a 35?

I'm debating about making a biofilter out of a garbage can (or
similar) vs. a 70g rubbermaid stock tank. I am worried the 70g tank -
because of having more water in it - would dissipate the action of the

I hope my question makes sense even if it might be a stupid question?

-- no it doesnt matter if its 5 gal or 500 gal it all depenmds on the
amount the pump puts out, for instance you put 100 gal in you will get
100 out once the container fills, etc

John Rutz
Z5 New Mexico
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its not worth fixing

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Old 09-05-2003, 01:08 AM
John Rutz
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Default Determining Proper Flow From Biofilter - Chooseing biofilter

Lisa wrote:
That's good to hear!

OK - I also understand the closer the pump is to the filter and the
less tubing involved - give you better flow or more oomph.

I'm now looking to buy tubing. Expensive!

I'm either going to get (2)-1800 gph pumps or an 1800/2400 combo.

The 1800 has an output hole of 3/4"
The 2400 has 1"

Should I get 2" tubing for these 2 pumps? Or 1.5" Which would be
better for more flow or doesn't it matter at some diameter point?

Also - would I need a larger tube to go from my prefilter to my pump
also? Or is hose diameter not an issue before the pump?

ok Il try here the diameter doesnt mater if I remember how far you are
going with this
the 1.5 will handle the output of your pump for I would guess 10 or so
ft after that the 2 in would handle it ( we are talking friction losses
here not head ) personaly I would use the 1.5 at both ends of the pump
if possible

John Rutz
Z5 New Mexico

before you criticise someone
walk a mile in thier shoes
that way when you criticise them
your a mile away and have thier shoes

see my pond at:

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