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AZKalEl 26-07-2004 01:02 PM

Leopard Frogs in Arizona
I am in the Mesa / Phoenix area and am looking for a good local source
of Leopard Frogs. We are overun with crickets (again) this year and I
thought they'd be a good natural control. I've resisted frogs in the
pond but now that we are in our fourth year and "swimming" in fry I
really don't care if they eat the entire batch! Anyone?

Ka30P 26-07-2004 11:03 PM

Leopard Frogs in Arizona
Leopard frogs will eat the crickets but not the fry. Bullfrogs eat fish but are
not native west of the Rockies and wildlife biologists would like to eradicate
them completely.

This looks like a good page for Arizona amphibians

Your best bet would be to collect some frog or toad spawn and transfer it to
your pond. Toads would be better than frogs as it is less likely that your fish
would eat them up.

The safest way to get frog and toad spawn is to join a koi/water garden group
and transfer it from another pond. Collecting from the wild is, and will be
getting, more and more difficult with concerns about endangered species and
species of concern.

kathy :-)
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