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scs0 20-09-2004 12:33 AM

Need contact info or web address for Laguna Pumps
I have a 1.5 year old Laguna pond pump that decided to die on me. I'm
sure it's dead and not a tripped GPF circuit because I hooked an air
pump up to the same outlet. I did a search on Google for Laguna pumps
and the only thing I could find were retailers selling them. One site
said that Laguna pumps have a 3 year warrenty, so if that's the case
I'd like to get in touch with them to have my pump repaired. If it
can't be fixed for some reason I'd like to get another pump from
another manufacturer since the only item I ever bought from them died
after 18 months (Better reliability than Sony, but still bad). Does
anyone have a recommendation for another brand of pump that pumps
about 1000gph and is energy efficient?

BTW, what is the general expected lifespan of the typical pond pump?
Mine only had 18 months of use and I imagine that couldn't be close to
what I should expect. Just as a general rule, when should a pump be
replaced? At least the Laguna died without leaking oil, but I imagine
an old pump would be at risk for putting the electric into contact
with the water or leaking oil.


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